Custom DTF Transfers – All Sizes



When uploading please make sure that your images meet the below criteria:

  • You must make sure the sizing and coloring is correct, as it will be printed as they are uploaded so please make sure that size and quality criteria are met.
  • Recommended DPI: 300
  • File Type: PNG
  • Image should have a transparent background. You will receive the image as you have uploaded it.
  • Can be used for a single image

** Please email [email protected] if you have ANY questions or need to submit new designs AFTER you already confirmed your order. 


How To Apply

  1. Press garment for 15 seconds to remove excess moisture. Let garment cool before adding the transfer.
  2. Place transfer on shirt with image facing up.
  3. Press at 285-300F for 15-20 seconds under firm pressure.
  4. Remove garment and let it cool down for 2-3 mins before peeling.
  5. Cover the image with teflon and press again for 5 seconds. You can also use Parchment Paper or butcher paper.

**Please note: If the image does not come off completely, repress with the image in place, let it cool, and peel the film.*

Additional information


Pocket Size 3.5", Pocket Size 4.5", Toddler 5.5", Toddler 6.5", Youth 7.5", Youth 8.5", Adult 10", Adult XL 11.5", Adult XXL 12"


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